Meet the Blogger

About me:

I’m a British girl who's been reading the romance genre since the age of thirteen. I stumbled across a Julia Quinn novel in my local library... it was a Bridgerton book so clearly I was doomed to fall in love before I finished the first page!

To this day Historical Romances are still one of my favourite sub-genres, although I’ve branched out from regency and pretty much devour anything from an uncommon time period. I also love paranormal, fantasy, science-fiction and steampunk romances because I’m a slut for world-building. In fact the only sub-genre of romance I won’t read is Romantic Suspense and that’s because I have an issue with too much killing, kidnaping and evilness being in my romance.

Oh and I also read contemporaries, although mainly M/M contemporaries, the M/F contemporaries I read are few and far between. Then we have New Adult, a sub-genre I nearly always forget about until I stumble across an amazing University/College based romance and then question why I don’t read more of these!

So that’s probably enough about me and the romance genres I love to read, what are you’re favourite genres and why?

Lastly this is just a hobby for me and I do it for the fun and in my spare time, therefore I’m still learning so mistakes will happen. Also all opinions stated in my blog are my own, even when the book is given to me by the author/publishers in return for a review.

Also my favourite colour is teal, I have two dogs (one who I love more than the other, favouritism at its finest) and have a slight addiction to all things sweet, seriously my family claim I’m addicted to sugar... I would argue with them but deep down I know they’re right.