26 August 2014

Romance is my life

Welcome everyone,

I’ve decided to start blogging about my favourite book genre in the world... romance and I figure if you’re on this site you probably agree. To give a little backstory i’ve been reading romance since the age of thirteen when I first picked up a Julia Quinn in my local library, its been love ever since. Since then i’ve branched into many sub-genres of the romance world including contemporary, paranormal, historical, category, male-male, science-fiction, steam-punk and even the occasional new adult. To be honest i’ve probably missed a couple but those are the main ones that I read!

So to get the ball rolling some quick fire questions:

Favourite author?

Honestly it changes a lot but at the moment i’m loving Heidi Cullinan, is anyone else seriously excited for Fever Pitch? I also love Nalini Singh, Lisa Kleypas, Kresley Cole and Erin McCarthy as well as hundred more.

Favourite book this month?

Finding Home by Lauren Baker and Bonnie Dee. This book just blew me away, it was quite simply amazing.

Most re-read book of all time?

Unsticky by Sarra Manning, me and this book have a tiny little love affair. I read it every six months, even though I know it by heart. What can I say Vaughn is my kind of guy.

Favourite sub-genre of romance?

I love historical romances, the more unusual the period or the characters professions the better in my opinion. Is anyone else slightly bored of regency romances featuring dukes or earls? I mean I love them but please other time periods and other countries apart from England exist. I do still love regency romances I’m just saying change is good.

How many books do you read a week?

Obviously it depends on how busy my week is and how long the books are but I probably average about three to four books a week. In the holidays I can read about three a day, I mean it isn’t liked i’m obsessed or anything...

Feel free to answer these questions in the comments, or even ask me more questions about romance.
Now that the introductions are over and done with we can move on to the interesting things, such as what I will be posting about. My aim with this blog is to express all the things I love about the romance genre including the books, the writers, the publishers and of course its readers. This could be in the form of reviews, topics, interviews (if I get anyone, I mean the chance is slim but you never know!) and anything else related to romance.

Anyway if this blog sounds like the sort of thing you’d be interested in feel free to follow, comment, or even just occasionally check back to see if i’ve posted anything else. I’m aiming for one or two blog posts a week but we’ll see how to goes.

Hopefully I’ll see you next time and until then happy reading!