1 February 2015

Mastering A Sinner by Kate Pearce

Hey everyone,

So I seem to be on a bit of a historical romance kick because I have another regency romance I want to review. Unlike my other ones, however, this is high on sexual content so if that isn't you're thing or you're under eighteen look away now! So this week I'll be reviewing Mastering A Sinner by Kate Pearce, an erotic BDSM historical romance based around the Sinners Club.

The book:

Bound by sensual secrets and illicit fantasies, the select members of the Sinners Club are privy to carnal pleasures too shocking to share...

Alistair Maclean enjoys his work as secretary at the Sinners Club until the women at the Club demand a secretary of their own. Suddenly Alistair finds himself at the mercy of a wanton beauty who demands Alistair submit to her in ways he's only ever dreamed about...

Diana, Lady Theale, has secrets from her past she must protect. But that doesn't stop her from enjoying passion in the present. She needs Alistair's help to untangle the mystery of her parentage, but she also needs his body to satisfy her darkly erotic desires...

My thoughts:

This book will not be everyone. Some people will read it and hate it. Others probably wouldn't even consider reading. The reason for this is simple, despite the fact the romances featuring BDSM have become huge since Fifty Shades, people still feel uncomfortable reading books where the woman is the dominant and the male is the submissive.

"I will expect you to be naked and on your knees.” 
He looked over his shoulder at her. “Go to the devil, Lady Theale.”

And do you know what that is okay, everyone has different tastes, however, what annoys me is when people read this book knowing they dislike romances featuring female dominants. If it isn't you're cup of tea don't read it. Anyway end of rant. This is the first book I read by Kate Pearce and it has made me want to read more of her books. Partly because although the romance between Diane and Alistair worked as a stand alone, I felt like a lot of the secondary plot would have been enriched by reading the previous stories.

Mr. Maclean.” She inclined her head a regal inch. “When you’ve gotten over your surfeit of masculine pride, please remember to be naked in my room at midnight on Friday.

One of the main obstacles between Diane and Alistair was trust. Alistair's ability to trust Diane as his dominant, Diane's ability to trust Alistair with her past and also their ability to trust each other as a couple outside of their sexual preferences.

I'll be honest there was one scene during the book that made me slightly uncomfortable. This occurred when Diane was trying to convince Alistair to truly trust her and to truly submit to her. She was deliberately pushing his limits that he claimed to not have or need. Although Alistair could have said no at any point I found it disturbing that he didn't, thereby letting Diane push him way past what he was comfortable with. I understand why Kate Pearce included this, as it demonstrated Alistair's lack of acceptance with his submissive nature and also the fact that he didn't trust Diane with his sexual needs.

"But you don’t really want Lady M to master you, do you? You expect her to give you what you want on your terms.”
“You pretend to submit, but you don’t actually intend to let go of your control."

Now I think about it there were a couple of moments that I felt uncomfortable with what Diane allowed to happen, however, that is probably because I wouldn't he comfortable with them. It was obvious that Alistair was finally letting his submissive side out to play and therefore it worked within the novel as a whole.

Overall I really enjoyed Mastering A Sinner, however, I did have some issues with it, mostly because this can't be read as a standalone novel. I didn't understand a lot of the sub-text surrounding the Sinners, The Demon Club and even the characters relationships with each other.

My rating:

Happy reading and see you next time!