30 March 2016

Tied to Trouble by Megan Erickson

Hey everyone,

Today I’m reviewing Tied to Trouble by Megan Erickson. Although Tied to Trouble is part of the Gamers series, this is the only one focusing on an LGBT+ relationship. Can I just say how happy I am that more authors are starting to create series that include books about LGBT+ couples alongside books about straight couples. Maybe its just me but I see that as a step forward. Anyway enough serious stuff and on with the review!

The book:
Between love and hate, there's a whole lot of trouble…

Chad Lake only showed up at his sister's party for the free food, but when he spots an uptight nerd at the edge of the crowd, he can't resist trying to ruffle the guy's perfect bow tie and impeccable hair. The hottie's ready for him, though, and in the end, it's Chad who's left wide-eyed, his ears still ringing with the filthy things Bow Tie whispered in his ear. No one gets the upper hand on Chad. Ever.

Owen Hawkins has heard all about the cocky Adonis from Chad's sister—the same sister who holds Owen's career advancement in her hands. He has every intention of steering clear of the other man…until Chad's sexy taunts push him too far. There's something intriguing about Chad, and even though Owen knows that getting tangled up with the infuriating man is trouble, he can't seem to stay away…
My thoughts:

You’ve got to love a book about gamers and the wider gaming culture. At least I do. In Tied to Trouble our hero Owen works for Gamers Magazine, which as the name would suggest is a magazine that reports on all things related to gaming. In many ways he’s a typical nerdy character. He’s shy, awkward in social situations and yet has a wealth of knowledge and experience about his passion. Owen is also surprisingly good at talking dirty and I’ll be honest it was this that convinced me to read this book. Plus just because someone is shy in public doesn’t mean they're shy in the bedroom and Owen definitely proved this!

I’d take my time, peeling all these clothes off you. I wouldn’t touch you, though. No, I’d make it so you were naked in front of me, begging, begging for just a brush of my hand on your skin. And then I’d stroke you, nice and slow.

It was clear when I started reading this book that Chad and Owen probably already knew of each other, even if they didn’t know each other. When they run into each other properly for first time at a party hosted by Chad’s sister, who is also Owen’s boss, sparks fly. This was definitely a case of opposites attracting. Yet at this point its a connection built mainly on lust. It takes time for Chad and Owen to see beyond the physical attraction to the people beneath. Both have emotional scars and reasons for being wary of getting into a relationship. Chad in particular has a lot of growing-up to do. At the beginning of the book he’s a typical bad boy, but fairly harmless in the grand scheme of things.

Why do I want you?” Owen growled, his teeth biting into the skin. “I don’t even like you.”
Chad bucked his hips. “Well, I like your dick, and you like my ass. You don’t have to fuck my personality.

Owen and Chad are both fully fleshed characters and Megan Erickson does a great job of showing that they each have problems and challenges. Given the initial secrecy surrounding their relationship it felt important to establish that they did have concerns and lives outside of each other. This mainly came in the form of work, as both our heroes are at a turning point job wise. Although Tied to Trouble had a lot of side-plots they related back to Chad and Owen’s relationship. Nothing happened without a reason.

My bowtie gets you hard?"
"Nah, the thought of taking it off of you gets me hard.

I will definitely be reading more books by Megan Erickson because of the emotion she injected into the characters and the story. I felt like I knew Chad and Owen. I understood why they were scared, happy, sad or despondent and that is what I’m looking for in a romance. I want to be swept away by the characters emotions. The only reason I’ve given Tied to Trouble four stars, rather than five, is because I would have loved it to be longer. I wished we’d seen Chad and Owen as an established couple, rather than just glimpsed it in the epilogue. 

My rating:
Happy reading and see you next time!