28 October 2014

Her Purrfect Match by Milly Taiden

Hey everyone,

The book:

Alyssa Moran is tired of being the old cat lady with no man. She has very specific needs and goes to visit Mrs. Wilder at the Paranormal Dating Agency. Shockingly enough, she is promised a man who likes cats, wants kids, likes curves and will be wild in bed. 

Grayson Green needs a mate. Fast. But he refuses to be pushed into anything. That is, until a curvy funny woman shows up in his territory saying she’s there for him. Who is he to argue with someone as delectable as Alyssa decides she wants to give herself to him?

Of course, not all is at it seems and some people want Alyssa gone and Gray dead. If Gray mates, the future of his pride will be sealed and no one can argue his place as leader. Unless it can be stopped before they ever get a chance to make some cubs. He will have to work hard at convincing a human she’s the only one for him or lose his pride and his mate.

My Thoughts:

Lately I’ve been reading so many dark, intense, angst filled books and frankly although they always had HEA it was starting to depress me. I needed something light-hearted, funny and easy to read luckily Her Purrfect Match delivered on all accounts!

This is my first Milly Taiden book and the third in her Paranormal Dating Agency series but I had no problem reading it as a stand-alone. Part of the reason I’ve love this book is because it featured a tiger-shifter! A hot tiger-shifter. I mean seriously the guy was smoking. He's a solitary, alpha-male who also happens to be pride leader, oh and did I mention he needs a mate asap? Our heroine, Alyssa in contrast is bubbly, self-assured and fed up with dating losers. She wants someone to love her, her cats and any kids they might have (her and the man not the cats). Also I loved the author for putting the ‘crazy cat’ lady with a tiger-shifter, it made me smile for a long time. In fact the humour scattered throughout this book is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much!

“She’s not here to be turned into your personal sex toy for the mating season. She’s here to meet you and get to know you see if you are a match”.

I mean what are friends for if not to keep you on the straight and narrow? Reading this book just put a smile on my face. The heroine was kick-ass and didn’t moan or mope without good reason, the hero was slightly aloof and a complete alpha-male but I like an alpha-male so this wasn’t a problem for me. For a short shifter romance this is definitely up their as one of my new favourites and I would highly recommend it too anyone. I mean who doesn’t want to read a book where the heroine thinks like this:

“She wasn’t that easy. Okay, she was, but not this time”.

As well the hero and heroine falling in love and all that jazz there was a slight plot line revolving around Grayson position as pride leader. This was interesting without taking over the story so a perfect balance in my opinion. The one slightly issue I had with Her Purrfect Match is the fact that Tigers don’t have prides, they live alone and only come together to mate. Lions have prides. Tigers do not. Anyway that’s my love for animals and slight obsession with David Attenborough documentaries as a child coming out and it probably won’t bother most people. Overall this is a really great light-hearted paranormal romance book!

My rating:
Happy reading and see you next time!