12 October 2014

Sold to the Enemy by Sarah Morgan

Hello everyone,

I’m back from Malta and during the course of the holiday I managed to read ten books so lots of reviews coming up! And yes I did leave the hotel and see some of the sights while I was there. Anyway today I’m reviewing an audiobook I finished on the first night of the trip Sold to the Enemy by Sarah Morgan. Also for those in the UK (not sure about other countries) Audible is currently having a weeklong sale on romance books for its members, everything is around £5.99 so there could be some deals to be had!

 The (Audio)book:

Stefan Ziakas might be her father's most hated business rival, but he's the only man who has ever made Selene Antaxos feel beautiful. So, needing to make a new life for herself, Selene apprehensively turns to Stefan for help. Except the dark-hearted tycoon is nothing like the white knight she remembers! Selene realises it's not always better the devil you know... She's sold her soul - and her heart - to the enemy!

My Thoughts:

This book has been out for quite a few years, however, it has only been available in audio format for a couple of months. Having said that I haven’t actually read the book and don’t plan on. Is anyone else like that? You read a book and then won’t listen too it and vice versa? Anyway enough of my rambling and onto the review!

I really enjoyed Antonia Beamish’s narration of Sold to the Enemy, I thought the male and female voices were really good, particularly the Greek pronunciations. This is a story that kept me gripped, something I wasn’t expecting from a Mills & Boon romance. I started listening just before bed and couldn’t stop until about 1 am when common sense and tiredness finally won the battle. I found the novel a strange contradiction between light hearted comedy and grittier romance, personally I think the blurb shies away from mentioning some of the darker themes presented within this book.

It quickly becomes apparent that Selene’s home-life is far from perfect. Sure her father is a billionaire but as we all know money doesn’t equal love. In Selene’s case it doesn’t even equal safety. If anything her and her mother are trapped by the money and power of her father’s business. I really liked the character of Selene, she was naive but brave, sheltered but independent for me considering her backstory and her father I thought she was an incredibly strong character. Rather than merely accepting her fate she is consistently trying to escape and gain independence for both her and her mother.

I know some people will probably dislike the character of Selene because she has elements of being a Mary Sue heroine. Her naivety will perhaps annoy some readers but for it was merely realistic. Due to the controlling nature of her father she hardly left the island, she was taught by nuns, she never allowed to be a real teenager. Therefore at the start of the book its easy to understand why she’s slightly naive, she doesn’t just trust Stefan she worships him. For her he is perfection. It until the rose-coloured glasses are taken off that she can truly see the man beneath, rather than just the image she’s created in her head.

I also really liked the hero Stefan. Like Selene he had a troubled childhood and naturally it has affected his behaviour and decisions as an adult. In fact before Selene the majority of his decisions have been working towards one goal, the collection of power. For him power comes from money and influence. With power you are untouchable and by extensions the people you love are untouchable. Therefore he has a slightly clinical out view on life. Whereas Selene always looks for the best in people, Stefan expects the bad. He looks for the lies and deceit. It is this clash of outlooks that causes one of the first big misunderstandings in the novel as neither Selene or Stefan act as the other one expects them too.

However, despite all these misunderstandings there is undeniable chemistry between these two. I though Antonia did a great job of narrating this chemistry and clearly Sarah did a great job of writing it! Once secrets are laid bare and illusions are shattered Selene and Stefan are finally able to see each other. Also due to the trauma they have both suffered they have a connection, a shared understanding and experience. Of course they react differently and that causes further conflict in the book.

Overall I really enjoyed this audiobook. I loved listening to Selene’s and Stefan’s story and thought it was both really well written and excellently narrated. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romances.

My rating:
Happy reading everyone and see you next time!