10 December 2014

David’s Selfie by Daisy Harris

Hey everyone,

As we are now firmly in the Christmas period I decided it was time I read and reviewed a Christmas themed romance. Seasonal romance aren’t usually something I love, however, when I saw that Daisy Harris had released a new book, called David’s Selfie, that was set during the Christmas period I couldn’t not buy it as she one of my favourite authors.

The book:

When David, a single father, vows to get laid just once before the year ends, he doesn’t figure on losing his cell phone—and with it one very revealing picture. Lucky for him, his phone is found by a disarmingly handsome man who might be perfect for the kind of casual Christmas fling David is after.

Go-go dancer Craig never would have guessed that the guy with the cute cock shot would turn out to be a doctor. Or that he’d find himself lying about his night job and worrying David will find out the truth. To complicate matters, each of their hook-ups requires days of planning. Yet before he knows it, Craig has a new boyfriend, and possibly a whole new family.

David’s ready to dive head-first into something new, but if Craig’s going to commit, he’ll need to come clean about his job, his past, and—most of all—the naughty picture that drew him to David in the first place.

My thoughts:

This book just made me smile. It was a happy, lighthearted, funny, sexy m/m contemporary romance with two great main characters. David is struggling to balance fatherhood with dating after the death of his wife and at the beginning of the book is braving the world of online dating. Luckily for David (and Craig) his intended ‘date’ turns out to be a little on the kinky side for our nervous, nerdy doctor, leading to his eventual meeting with Craig. I loved David as a character; he was so nervous and unsure about some things but so confident, kind and understanding in other ways. As the man himself states:

I was in a reading slump having worked my way through some fairly intense books, but this just made everything better. Yes it’s short and true it won’t become a classic but I will definitely be re-read it again and again.

How had his life come to this? Knowing all about removing crust from a kid’s nostril and nothing about how to have a date with a willing partner? As David went in for the kill on Maia’s face, it occurred to him if he could handle parenthood, he should be able to manage anything.

Craig was a great hero as well, I loved how Daisy Harris depicted his insecurities, and for me it made him more realistic. I saw Craig as more of a fighter, he’s had to work a lot hard to get were he wanted in life. Perhaps doing things he wasn’t proud of to earn money, but when we meet him he is really close to achieving them. Him and David complimented each other, even if they weren’t always on the same wave length (or thought they weren’t on the same wavelength).

Craig wondered whether he’d ever been so carefree. Somehow with David, he imagined it might be easy, thinking everything would okay. When David turned to smile over his shoulder, Craig got a glimmer of hope that maybe someday he’d have a fraction of David’s safety.

I feel like my review is not doing this book justice, but basically David was adorable, Craig was sexy and sweet together they were just one big ball of happiness and love. They’re both a little scared and unsure about dating each other with neither thinking they are good enough but they work through it and the epilogue was brilliant.

My rating:
Happy reading everyone and see you next time!