24 May 2015

Where I’ve Been

Hey everyone,

So you might have be wondering where I’ve been for the last two weeks. Of course you might not, but I’m going to assume you where for the sake of my own self-worth! The truth is a multitude of things but fundamentally life got in the way, I had to focus on my job, family matters and all this accumulated in a reading slump.

I just havent been in the mood to read! It is awful and horrible and Im not enjoying it one bit. Therefore I decided to take a break from blogging, rather than writing lack-lustre posts on topics just for the sake of having a post that day.

The slight up-side to my reading slump (if these have an upside!) is Ive discovered the wonderful world of Booklr or the book-side of Tumblr! I’m on there basically all the time and love talking to people, posting random book related things and generally having a good time so feel free to go check that out.

Also since being a book slump I’ve rediscovered my love of fandoms, shipping and general obsessions! My OTP at the moment are Finn and Rae from My Mad Fat Diary, if you’re not sure who they are I’ll leave a little video here for you to enjoy :).

So now you know how I’ve been filling my time during the last two weeks. This post is also to say that I will be returning to my usual every-third-day schedule, hopefully with a kick-ass book review on Wednesday!

Happy reading and see you next time!