27 May 2015

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Hey everyone,

Today I want to talk about Fan Fiction, more specifically Harry Potter Fan Fiction. I’ve been reading Fan Fiction for roughly three years now and in that time I realised that finding a well written, grammatically correct, complete and engaging Fan Fiction is HARD. Seriously sometimes it is like finding a needle in a hay-stack, but when you do find a good one, it can be incredible. Below are some of my personal favourite Fan Fictions set in the Harry Potter Universe, most of which are Next Generation, AU or Post Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. They all have a strong romance plot and often, but not always contain adult situations (for example sex, drugs, alcohol etc)

Also to clarify I have not written any of these, I don’t know any of the authors and this post is all based around my own personal opinions and I have only included completed Fan Fictions.

This incredible image doesn’t belong to me I found it here: Fanpop

Narcissa & Lucius:

Clearly a more controversial pairing to write fluffy romantic fiction about.

Severus & Lupin:

I know, I know in the books this would be a never-gonna-happen, arent they both dead scenario, but that is the beauty of Fan Fiction.

Harry & Draco:

The last one Red Strings of Fate is Harry, Draco and Blaise, enjoy!

Scorpius & Albus:

As you can probably tell Scorpius and Albus are one of OTPs.

James II & Neville:

If they’re was more about these two of a high standard I would read them, alas it isn’t meant to be!

Albus D & Gellert G:

This story is incredible, and its written by one of my favourite Fan Fiction writers C. Queen.

Rose & Scorpius:

Due to my love for Scorpius and Albus it takes a lot for me two read and love a Rose and Scorpius story.

Draco & Hermione:

Not my favourite pairing, because honestly would Draco ever be able to truly love a Muggle-born witch with his upbringing? Yet this story manages to convince me of just that!

Luna & Tom Riddle/Voldemort:

Time-Turners are wonderful inventions.

Happy reading everyone and see you next time!