26 November 2015

Crossroads by Riley Hart

Hey everyone,

My TBR pile is down to 21 books! Considering it was 89 books a few months ago (April) I’m pretty proud of myself. So as a reward I decided to buy a new book… I realise the irony but I don’t care. After browsing Amazon I stumbled across Crossroads by Riley Hart, an m/m romance with a double GFY plot line! How could I resist?

The book:

After divorcing the woman he’d been with since he was seventeen, Nick Fuller is starting over. He owns the restaurant of his dreams and he’s determined to meet new people, find new passions, and experience life to its fullest. Easier said than done—that is until he meets his new neighbor, Bryce Tanner… 

Bryce is all about a good time. He plans to show Nick how it’s done, help him meet a few women, and enjoy the gift of the single life he’s been given. But things don’t go as planned, and soon they realize they’d rather be together than with anyone else. 

Neither man has ever wanted another guy, but there’s a connection between them from the start—a spark they can’t deny. They find themselves navigating an unfamiliar new world and dealing with unforeseen obstacles. Physical desire isn’t enough, and now Nick and Bryce are at a crossroads. They have to decide which way to go: the easy path they’ve always followed, or the one that's determined to trip them up at every turn.

My thoughts:

I’ve never been particularly drawn to the GFY books but the blurb of Crossroads intrigued me enough to indulge. Our first hero Nick Fuller is a recently divorced chef whose life mainly revolves around his restaurant. Yet he’s determined to start over and enjoy his single-hood. Enter our other hero Bryce who’s never settled down and is considered the flighty one by his family. Jumping from one adventure to the next without a care. On paper Nick and Bryce couldn’t be more different. Nick is all about responsibility and doing the right thing, Bryce is about living in the moment. After all why waste time being miserable?

You’re the only risk I’ve ever taken, Nick. Nothing else could hurt me except you. 

By a twist of fate the two become neighbours with a shared garden and soon start hanging out. It felt like Nick and Bryce fell into a relationship without realising. Soon they are spending everyday together just enjoying one another’s company; they even go to bar in the hope of picking up chicks (FYI I hate that saying but nothing else felt appropriate). But it isn’t until Bryce introduces Nick to his family that the relationship between the two processes from pure friendship. In fact it is one of Bryce’s brothers who points out that Nick and Bryce interact more like a couple than friends.

They were at a crossroads, not the first one they’d hit, and he sure as shit knew it wouldn’t be the last.

I felt it was at this moment that Crossroads really started to shine for me. Bryce and Nick have to confront their feelings for each other, and despite a punch, or two, it all happens seamlessly. The tricky part is telling other people, especially their respective families. After all neither of them have ever had feelings for men before so have no idea how people will react. Nick’s mother in particular is cause for concern due to her conservative view on gender roles. I loved that Riley Hart didn’t brush over the trouble both Nick and Bryce had with coming-out to their families. Perhaps the resolution was a little too easy, but this is a romance book, not a family drama! I want the focus to be on Bryce and Nick as a couple not their families reactions.

‘You’ve turned my whole fucking world upside down, you know that?’ 
‘Yeah,’ Nick whispered. ‘Yeah, you’ve done the same with mine.’

Weirdly my favourite aspect of Crossroads was the way Riley Hart approached Nick and Bryce’s sex-life. It wasn’t all easy-peasy and romance book perfect. Bryce in particular struggled with some of the physical aspect of sex with another man. This is turn led to feelings of insecurity and frustration. He felt as though he was depriving Nick. I thought this was beautifully handled and added an element of realism to Nick and Bryce’s relationship.

‘It's so fucking incredible to feel you like this—the hardness of your body, your muscles, the hair on your chest, legs and face. To have you in my arms. All fucking man, and all fucking mine.’

Overall I really enjoyed Crossroads and will be looking to buy another book from this author... Once I’ve read a few more books on my TBR pile of course!

My rating:
Happy reading and see you next time!