4 March 2015

My March TBR List

Hey everyone,

So if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I have recently become obsessed with Booktubers and in particular their Wrap-Up and TBR videos at the start and end of each month. Therefore I decided why not do a post in that vein, after all I find them fascinating (cause I’m a nosy nora) so hopefully others will to! Below is the list of all the books I hope to read in March:
  • My Dear Bessie by Chris Barker, Bessie Moore and Simon Garfield

This is a non-fiction book that chronicles the growing relationship between Chris and Bessie through the letters they exchanged during World War Two. They started as friends and became so much more.

I heard letters, romance, World War Two and basically wanted to read this as soon as possible! Although its a non-fiction book I think Ill enjoy it due to the romance between Chris and Bessie.
  • Three Weeks with Lady X by Eloisa James

The latest (well 2014) in Eloisa James Desperate Duchesses Series follows Tobias, the illegitimate son of the Duke of Villiers, and Lady Xenobia India who has vowed to make him marriage material in just three weeks.

Eloisa James is one of my favourite authors (ever) and the Desperate Duchesses is one of her best series, in my opinion, so I’m going in with high expectations. Also I know this has been out for nearly a year so I have some serious catching up to do!
  • Love Byte by David Atkinson

A romantic comedy about a recently widowed single father who receives emails from his dead wife telling him to start dating again. 

It sounded similar to P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern, which I enjoyed so I thought I would give this one a go. Also Im always intrigued to try romances written by men, as mentioned in my Gender and Romance post.
  • Nightfall by Ellen Connor

Jenna’s father always preached that the end of the world would happen, and even charged ex-soldier Mason to look after her, of course Jenna never believed him until the power Grid collapses.

This book has been on my TBR pile for so long that I had nearly forgotten about it, however, I love post-apocalyptic romances so fingers crossed. 
  • A Courtesan’s Guide To Getting Your Man by Celeste Bradley

When Piper Chase-Pierpont, a Boston museum curator, unearths the diaries of Regency London’s most celebrated Courtesan, The Blackbird, she’s aroused and challenged by what she finds.

I’ve actually owed this book for two years and for two years I’ve been meaning to read it... why am I so bad at getting through my TBR Pile? Please tell me I’m not the only one with this problem...
  • Finding It by Cora Carmack
Kelsey Summers is travelling around Europe after Graduation trying to ‘find herself’ mainly by partying her way across the continent. Enter Jackson, a man who convinces her that alcohol is not the answer to happiness.

I read and loved the first one in this series, so although I’m wary of New Adult fiction I’m going in hopeful. Also I love reading romances that include travel.
  • Signs by Anna Martin
Caleb Stone is a deaf teenager who feels closed off from the world, and instead turns to Tumblr and photography to express everything he can’t in real life. Their he meets Luc Le Bautillier who is struggling to reconcile the grief of losing a parent with the resentment of his father’s cruelty.

I am SO excited for this book. I've read a couple of Anna Martin’s books before and they were all amazing; also this book features a deaf hero, a mentally tortured hero, social media and its an MM romance. Basically all the things I love in a book.
  • Moth and Spark by Anne Leonard
A Prince with a quest, a commoner with mysterious powers and Dragons that demand to be freed - at any cost.

I brought this book as part of my personal challenge to read outside of my beloved romance genre. Although it still contains a romance story, from what I can gather it leans more towards the Fantasy or High-Fantasy genre. 
  • Flirting with Fire by Kate Meader

The first in a new series by Kate Meader, Flirting with Fire follows savvy PR guru Kinsey Taylor who has always defined herself by her career, not her gender. She’s recently moved to Chicago and has become the new assistant press secretary to the Mayor; enter Luke Almedia a firefighter as searingly sexy as he is quick-tempered, whose recent antics have come to the attention of City Hall.

I love contemporary romances that feature strong women and the heroes who love them for it. Also did I mention he’s a firefighter? With siblings?
  • He’s No Saint by A.J. Harmon
Becoming a priest wasn’t wealthy Tyler Oswin’s plan but when he suffers a tragic loss, the safety of the Church seemed the perfect place to find solace and peace. Amy Lansing felt lost as a teenager after her father died and deals with her loneliness by joining the convent. She’s not living - she’s hiding. A forbidden romance is out of the question but love has a way of bringing them together.

Part of me really doesn’t want to read this book. I’m worried it’ll be preachy or completely creep me out, however, after listening to the DBSA podcast about religion and romance I was intrigued enough by the combination to finally give this book a go.

  • A Call to Arm’s by Shiriluna Nott
Forced to leave his siblings behind, Gib reports to Silver City, where he enrolls in the legendary Academy of Arden. An outsider and misfit, Gib struggles to fit in among the highborn city folk. He eventually befriends an enigmatic mage trainee with a secret, a young girl who has defied tradition by joining the military, and a prince looking to escape his stifling royal life.

This was free on Amazon a few weeks ago and it was sold as an MM fantasy romance, which intrigued me on so many levels. I’m hoping despite the lack of romance mentioned in the blurb it will contain some romance alongside the fantasy.
  • Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith

This novel features Precious Ramotswe, the owner of Botswana’s No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. Among her cases are wayward wives, unscrupulous maids and the challenge of a mothers pain over her son.

I was given the first book in Alexander McCall Smiths famous series at sixth form and really enjoy reading it. I also liked the TV show based on these novels, so when I saw two and three on sale in a charity shop six years later I decided to buy them. Also I loved the cover, it is beautiful.

Now you know the 12 books I’ll be attempting to read in March, most of which I’ll probably review on this site. What books are you hoping to read this month?

Also do you like this style of post?

Happy reading and see you next time!