19 March 2015

Romance Reading Stereotypes

Hey everyone,

The romance genre and the people who read it are a misunderstood bunch. Were maligned by the press, public and publishing houses alike, despite being an industry worth $1.4 billion. Therefore I thought Id share some of the questions Ive received over my favourite genre.

People: Aren’t romance books just all about sex?

Me: No, unless you’re reading erotica.

People: Romance, like Fifty Shades of Grey?

Me: Did I say I was reading badly written, mis-informed BDSM erotic romance?

People: Isn’t that just all Mills and Boon, you know the charity shop books?

Me: Its called category and that is just one publisher.

People: You mean the trashy beach read books?

Me: No I mean the trashy all year round books.

People: So similiar to Twilight?

Me: Not unless I’m reading a paranormal YA about moody vampires.

People: I don’t read those books.

Me: Well good for you, literary snob.

People: .... Oh, good for you dearie.

Me: Thanks Grammy.

People: I think my mum/grandma reads romance.

Me: Maybe me and your mum/grandma should start a book club.

People: But what else do you read?

Me: Newspapers, magazines, the internet, classics...

People: Didn’t you do English Literature at university?

Me: Yes and I read romance alongside studying. Miracles will never cease.

People: The books with the naked torso’s on the cover? Those books?

Me: Yes those books, judging by its cover much?

People: You must have read [insert book of choice here] then?

Me: Didn’t one of them die?

People: Really? Me too! Have you read the latest Sherrilyn Kenyon? 

Me: Ive finally found my people.

Happy reading everyone and see you next time!