16 April 2015

Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I set myself the challenge of reading all the books in my TBR list, which has grown to roughly 65 books. To me it was getting a bit ridiculous, although I will confess at times it has been much larger. As an extra incentive I have banned myself from buying anymore books until I have read ALL of my TBR pile. That includes ebook freebies etc otherwise this challenge would be endless!

It was this challenge that prompted me to finally read Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell. A book that has been languishing on my kindle for far too long.

The book:

Some things are sweeter than revenge. 

“I need a boyfriend.”

Hearing those words from the mouth of his very straight ex-friend is enough to make columnist and editor Nate Gray choke on his Corona. It’s been thirteen years since Kellan Brooks’s father crushed Nate’s family on his climb to wealth and power. Even longer since he entrusted Kellan with the confession that he might be gay—only to have his best friend out and humiliate him to their entire high school. The last thing Nate expects is Kellan begging for his help.

Breaking off his engagement to a senator’s daughter was the last straw for Kellan’s CEO father. Frustrated at being cut off, his father’s stinging words—that he wishes Kellan had never been born—still ringing in his ears, Kellan turns to Nate. In a move worthy of a corporate raider, Kellan plans the ultimate revenge. Come out as the boyfriend of the man his homophobic father betrayed.

Convincing Nate to play along isn’t easy. It’s even harder to figure out why the lie feels so close to the truth.

My thoughts:

I went into this book with absolutely no expectations, partly because it had been so long since I brought it originally. Yet I was presently surprised. Bad Company is a sweet yet sexy M/M romance about the importance of second chances. 

Our heroes Nate and Kellan where inseparable childhood best-friends, however, events both personal and professional occurred that drove them apart. I don’t want to say more in order to avoid spoilers because these events are fairly crucial obstacles  to Nate and Kellan’s happiness. Since childhood these two characters have gone in vastly different directions; Kellan is rich, privileged and straight whereas Nate is a hardworking, socially conscious gay man.

Despite not having spoken for thirteen years, when Kellan is cut off by his father he turns to Nate. Not because he has feelings for Nate, of course, but because he needs Nate to help him enact revenge upon his father. Now understandly Nate is resistant to the plan.

“When this brilliant idea first hatched in Kellan’s brain, he had skipped over the explaining-it-to-Nate part to get to picturing the look on the old man’s face when he got the bad news”.

I really enjoyed reading Bad Company, because I loved the characters of Nate, Kellan and Eli. I loved the development both Kellan and Nate underwent during the course of this book. Kellan became more confident in himself and his abilities. He started to value his skills and was able to explore aspects of his personality and sexuality that had previously been suppressed. He went from being a self-centred jerk desperate to enact revenge to a person who cared about those around him.

Similarly Nate went from being a moralistic, isolated ‘victim' whose life had been destroyed by Kellan’s family to a person who could finally accept the support and love of others. He finally managed to emotionally let someone close. Also I loved Nate’s sarcasm and throwaway lines, for that alone I would have enjoyed this book.

“Really? Like fucked him fucked him?”
“Do you want a play-by-play?”
“Well, I don’t exactly know what you guys do.”
“You take a dick and you get it wet and then you put it someplace tight-”.

Part of the reason I really liked this book, rather than loved this book was the ending. The confrontation with Kellan’s father felt a little rushed and I would liked just an additional chapter to see how Kellan and Nate’s relationship processed once that issue was out of the way. Overall I really enjoyed Bad Company and will definitely be continuing the Bad in Baltimore series.

My rating:
Happy reading everyone and see you next time!