7 April 2015

Twenty Things I Learnt from Fangirl

Hey everyone,

Over the Easter Weekend I read Fangirl and fell completely in love with it and the characters! I knew straight away I wanted to do a post about it but as this book has been reviewed and obsessed over to high heaven I decided to do something a little different. Instead of reviewing the book I’ve created a list of twenty things I learnt from reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, some are serious, some are humorous and others are just a bit random. Enjoy!

  • Its okay to not have all your sh*t figured out.
  • I really, really like character driven novels.

  • There is nothing wrong with reading Fanficton.
  • Or being an active member of a Fandom.
  • Just remember the rest of the world is waiting to be discovered and obsessed over.

  • There is no right or wrong way to experience University/College.
  • If everyone is obsessing about a book just swallow your preconceptions and read the damn book.
  • I like Young Adult Romance.
  • Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and personalities.
  • Never give-up on yourself, or your dreams.
  • Siblings are annoying, and you’ll fight but nobody will know you better.
  • Admitting when you’ve made a mistake is hard but worthwhile.
  • Parents aren’t perfect and you can’t expect them to be.
  • College/University set books are still my crack.
  • When you begin a new chapter in life you don’t have to leave everything behind.
  • A good book will entertain you for a time. A great book will stay with you forever.
  • Life is full of changes, its how you deal with them that make you who you are.
  • When people ask if you’re reading a children’s book just pity the unenlightened.
  • Striving for ‘perfection’ is overrated, as long as words are on the page you’re doing just fine.
  • I wish I was born a twin, alas it was never meant to be.

Happy reading everyone and see you next time!